Neelma Patel’s background is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and countries. Born and raised in East Africa to an Indian family, her upbringing was diversely influenced. Neelma lived in countries rich in both local and expatriate demographics, hence she is exposed and has to her disposal a variety of ingredients, which she incorporates into her sweet and savory recipes. Love for cooking started at the tender age of 13, but it was discovered in depth much later in life. After having a successful career in banking for over 11 years, she took time off to raise her young family. When she was ready to step back into the workforce, she experienced that there was no further scope left in the industry of banking and instead started focusing on her other talents. After 3 years of experimenting at home and indulging her family and friends to taste test, she opened Cake box by Neelma. Cake Box by Neelma is a dessert café specializing in custom sweets and crafty drinks situated in a quaint historic city. Neelma brings unique blending of flavors to her sweets while maintaining an equal balance to the traditional recipes. She has established a rapport and a loyal following in her industry. She caters to large corporate and private events while maintaining high standards at her café. This is a story about her, from Banking to Baking.